PODCAST – Align Your Practice

Have you been wondering how to move forward in the chiropractic profession and both grow your business and your practices?

Hosted by Dr. Joe Esposito, CEO & Co-Founder of AlignLife, Align Your Practice podcast will help you realize your true potential and create the practice and life of your dreams. For more information about AlignLife go to AlignYourPractice.com.


If TIA, triple net, and exclusive rights are terms you haven’t come across yet, this episode will be a great starting point to learn what to ask for in a lease. Jeff Hallberg returns to the podcast to shed light on the topic. If you would like to connect with him, go to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP and type Jeff Hallberg in the comments.
This episode features Jeffrey Hallberg, a lease specialist who has helped open around 480 chiropractic clinics in the last nine years. Find out what to look for in a lease and how to set yourself up for success when starting a practice. To learn how Jeff works with AlignLife, go to https://www.alignlifefranchise.com/AYP. You can also contact him directly at jhallberg@lee-associates.com.
This episode features Don and Tammy Murphy, superstar franchisees of two of the largest Gold’s Gym facilities in the country. Tammy is also the owner of an AlignLife chiropractic and wellness center located within their incredible gym in Newburgh. If anyone is interested in learning more about operating a practice inside a gym, let us know by going to https://www.alignlifefranchise.com/AYP.
This special episode comes straight from Colombia, where Dr. Joe is joined by Dr. Sebastian Bonnin and Dr. Justin Brown. They share how mission trips are so impactful, not just to the communities they are visiting, but also when they return home. If you’d like to learn more about Health Missions, go to healthmissions.net.
CEO of ChiroHD, Gabriel Doty returns to the podcast to share his views on the fascinating world of AI, especially in the healthcare industry. From SOAP notes to actual diagnoses, when does machine learning take over the role of doctor? Let Dr. Joe know your thoughts on this important topic in the comments below!
Keri Quin, AlignLife’s Marketing Director, joins the podcast for the first time to shine a light on one of the biggest mistakes business owners make: Thinking a marketing agency will solve everything. What are your expectations or experiences from the past regarding hiring a third party firm? Reach out to her by going to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP and put KERI in the comments!
COO Eric Rahn returns after an inspiring weekend at AlignLife’s national convention- Revolution. The theme was Amplifying Value and so many franchisees realized they were holding themselves back from their true potential as doctors and business owners. For more information on systems, or to speak with Mr. Rahn or Ms. Fisher, go to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP.
Dr. Renny Edelson returns to the podcast to give his advice on how to run a truly successful dinner talk from all aspects, including ROI. After 30 years in practice, he knows what works! To get in touch with Dr. Renny or learn more about AlignLife, go to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP
Dr. Joe welcomes Kevin Misenheimer from Progressive Practice Sales to the podcast to talk about the many reasons a broker can be beneficial to a chiropractor looking to buy or sell a practice. To find out if AlignLife can support you, go to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP and a team member will contact you.
Dr. David Foster returns to the podcast to discuss why contracts matter for both the owner and the associate doctor. For years, he has been building out templated agreements that protect both parties specifically in the world of chiropractic. To learn more from Dr. Foster, go to backofficeconsults.com. Go to AlignLifeFranchise.com/AYP to find out how we can help!


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