Traci Fisher has worked with executives and teams from around the world and shares a bit of her expertise with Dr. Joe in this episode of Align Your Practice. Discover for yourself if you fall victim to some of the bad habits they talk about. 

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About the Guest:

Ms. Fisher is the CEO of The Wellness Coach. She began learning about health and leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Traci played on the Women’s Soccer Team and was commissioned as an Aviation Officer in 1991. She served in the Army as a helicopter pilot, became a master fitness trainer, and continued to play soccer on the Army Ranger Team. After the Army, she became a mother of three, a Unity prayer chaplain, and began her journey into fitness and health with her first fitness company in Washington, D.C.

She eventually created The Wellbeingess® Model. This is a self-leadership framework specifically designed to take leaders through a scientifically based, concise, and transparent process to learn how to level up, self-lead, and use habit change to transform.

Traci is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Wellcoaches® Health and Wellbeing Coach, Gallup® Strengths Coach, and Red Team Thinking® Coach.