Tired of putting money into ventures with no positive impact on the world?

Be part of meaningful mission and make an impact in the health and wellness of individuals and communities.

Changing Lives

We take great pride in the standard of quality care our centers provide their patients. To say they change lives is an actual fact. See more on their community impact here

Exponential Growth

Adding chiropractic and wellness centers to your portfolio not only makes sense from a business perspective, but by joining a franchise, your investments become even more appealing to larger firms.

New Chiropractors

New chiropractors can be destined for greatness and yet burdened by student debt. Investing in a fresh talent can be a massive gift to a community and change the trajectory of many lives.

Why AlignLife?

AlignLife is a national chiropractic franchise that encourages individuality and diversity. Each doctor and staff member provides value to our brand.

Our doctors utilize a variety of hands-on techniques and base patient care on data such as x-rays, foot scans, and labs. Each center chooses what billing practices they will use or not use.

Our franchises are currently 100% doctor owned and operated. Royalties are based on a percentage of monthly revenue and never a flat fee regardless of income. 

Are You Ready?

Want to learn more about how AlignLife will change your life and the lives of others?

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