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Proven Systems

We have proven systems that make managing multiple centers so much easier. Our operations manual answers hundreds of questions that are asked at any time between launch and exit.

Patient Retention

Through ChiroHD, our cloud based enterprise EMR software, keep a close eye on all business metrics needed to drive continued growth on everything from patient attraction, conversion and retention.

Build Out Coordinator

Our build-out coordinator frees up your time and energy by being the liaison between you and the architects, designers, and contractors. 

Why AlignLife?

AlignLife is a national chiropractic franchise that encourages individuality and diversity. Each doctor and staff member provides value to our brand.

Our doctors utilize a variety of hands-on techniques and base patient care on data such as x-rays, foot scans, and labs. Each center chooses what billing practices they will use or not use.

Our franchises are currently 100% doctor owned and operated. Royalties are based on a percentage of monthly revenue and never a flat fee regardless of income. 

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