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Here’s how AlignLife can help support your career whether you want to own your business or become a chiropractic associate.


Learn how to run a practice with streamlined efficiency using our systems and experience the value of our strategic partners.

Student Clubs

AlignLife Student Clubs are the perfect introduction to the realities of running a practice. Our doctors and their staff give their time to guide and support the future of the chiropractic industry so you can successfully make the most impact in your communities.

Revolution Convention

Our yearly training convention is jam-packed with inspirational speakers, training tailored to your needs, and an opportunity to meet all of our docs and teams.


Look for us at club day!

Every year, we look for new students to take a leadership role in our on-campus clubs. Our student leaders learn how to run the club alongside how to run their own business!

In addition, all club officers receive free admission to our annual Revolution convention in April.

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