Check out this excerpt from the podcast:

“JAMES CHESTER (HOST): So get out of school. What’s next?

DR JOSEPH ESPOSITO DC (GUEST): I opened six clinics my first six years. So I moved kind of fast. I was building out my second one nine months in the first one. Wow. Two associates six months in and was looking at a build out and built one a year for the first six years in multiple states, built an operations manual and ran kind of an enterprise level business pretty fast. I can’t say it was without lots of adversity and trials without having the business experience of what I know now. But it was just this complete frustration, how dare my mission to spread that word that I can’t believe I didn’t know this thing with my story that I was like, everyone needs to know this. So it was true mission based and I backfilled the business, the marketing, the clinical as I perpetuated through this journey. But yeah, it was just hungry.

JAMES CHESTER (HOST): So before social media, what were you doing to grow these practices?

DR JOSEPH ESPOSITO DC (GUEST): I was a guy with the spine walking through the mall. I was, you know, any group of people anywhere, you know, car wash, a grocery store. I didn’t care. I had no ego in it. I was just spreading the word again. Just set. And that’s what I try to teach docs. If you’re that mission based, I’ve never had to get a patient. Wasn’t like a concept of getting like it was a gap or something I had to acquire. It was like spreading this message. Like it seems cliche, but that mission based of a concept, I never had an issue. I was just always trying to spread this message of people that didn’t know because I didn’t know. And I just felt like I was serving the community by spreading this message. And I never had an issue with, you know, growing a clinic.”


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