“The Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers(ACP) is a 100 hour program that focuses on diving deeper into the philosophy surrounding chiropractic. I began this program a year ago and it included several seminars in succession with speakers on topics such as the 33 principles, above-down-inside-out worldview, the mental impulse, logic and the brain body cycles. We did a lot of reading from papers and textbooks on various topics in the philosophical realm and I did a lot of writing working through my own ideas. We completed the program with an exam and graduation at Sherman College. I enjoyed it immensely. It allowed me to challenge my own beliefs and dig deeper into the foundation of chiropractic. It had been over 15 years since I’ve taken a philosophy course, and I know the ACP will help me to be a more vitalistic instructor and chiropractor.” -Dr. Allie Hamstead

Congratulations to Dr. Hamstead on a well-deserved achievement! Her students at Sherman College and patients at AlignLife Simpsonville are lucky to have such a dedicated professional guiding them on their respective journeys.