Dr. Allie Hamstead, a chiropractor and co-owner of AlignLife of Simpsonville, published a paper in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research in the January 2024 issue. The quarterly publication highlights chiropractic research focused on vertebral subluxation. The magazine exists to educate the public and serve the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Allie’s paper, “Reduction of Upper Back Pain & Resolution of Sciatica Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Vertebral Subluxation in a 30-Year-Old Female with Scoliosis: A Case Study” is about reducing upper back pain and improving sciatica following chiropractic care in a female patient with scoliosis.

“This patient had been suffering from pain and sciatica for years, and it was a joy to see the power of specific chiropractic care and how it had such a positive impact on her,” said Dr. Allie. “Many individuals with health issues such as scoliosis are not sure if they will be able to be cared for by a chiropractor. I am hopeful that this case study helps to encourage those who may be afraid to see their local chiropractor,” said Dr. Allie.

Drs. Allie and Michael are alumni of Sherman College of Chiropractic, as is their colleague, Dr. Lauren Hufham, and Dr. Allie is also an assistant professor of clinical sciences at Sherman College of Chiropractic.

Founder and owner of AlignLife, of which there are thirty-three centers across the country, Dr. Joe Esposito, said he was delighted that Dr. Allie’s paper had received such recognition. “Dr. Allie is a testament to the AlignLife philosophy that we can continue to improve our knowledge and skills to benefit our patients, their families, and the community, no matter how many years we have practiced chiropractic. At AlignLife, we want to learn, grow, and teach so that everyone, anywhere, can live their healthiest life,” said Dr. Joe.

Dr. Allie, 37, and her partner and husband, Dr. Michael Hamstead, 38, launched AlignLife of Simpsonville in 2014. They have four children.

For more information about AlignLife of Simpsonville, visit alignlife.com/locations/simpsonville-chiropractor/


Original article appeared in the Sherman College of Chiropractic Blog.

Sherman Alumni and Professor Dr. Allie Hamstead, Publishes Case Study