Dr. Bryne Willey of AlignLife of Springfield Chiropractic & Natural Health Center has returned from a mission trip in Colombia, South America.

The trip was organized by Health Missions, a 501(c3) founded by Dr. Joe Esposito, the founder of AlignLife, to spread the word about chiropractic worldwide through mission trips to areas where chiropractic is not available.

Dr. Bryne and his wife, Kellie Willey, accompanied Dr. Joe and a group of chiropractors across the US to Colombia for the week-long mission trip.

“I went into this with no expectations simply to serve people the same way I am blessed to do in Springfield, but to groups of people who most have never experienced the power of chiropractic, let alone healthcare in general,” said Dr. Bryne. “To see their gratitude for our presence and their generosity in hospitality on top of the experiences and benefit they articulated from the care we provided was truly overwhelming.”

Kellie, who works with the team at Health Missions, was instrumental in the success of the mission trip.

“I am also extremely proud of my wife, Kellie,” said Dr. Bryne. “She was so instrumental in making this trip happen. I had first-hand experience seeing the challenges and struggles she endured to make this trip happen, and to be frank, the lives we touched and the impact we made would not have happened without her,” said Dr. Bryne.

The trip is the first Health Missions trip since 2019. During the mission trip, Dr. Bryne visited a theatre group of artists with special needs in Medellin and treated members and their families. In Santa Elena, the mission group met Silleteros at a traditional flower farm. Silleteros were originally responsible for transporting flowers in Medellin by carrying arrangements on their backs using structures known as Silletas.

In Puerto Samaria, Dr. Bryne treated families at the community center.

Kellie said the whole experience was extremely rewarding.

“I am so inspired by the servant hearts that committed to joining us on this trip and the people we met along the way,” said Kellie.

“We went to Colombia to serve those who may not have exposure to chiropractic care. What we did not anticipate was leaving feeling as impacted by the connections we made with each community we visited.”

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Original article appeared in the Illinois Local.